No more selfies.

Take control of your first impression with a headshot that inspires confidence.  Whether you’re updating your company’s website, giving a keynote, or looking to add a memorable face to a name your clients have only heard, your professional headshot can be a make-or-break piece of your personal brand.

Classic Studio Headshot
Make your headshot a modern classic: no distractions, just you.  This style of headshot is perfect for business professionals, financial advisors, Realtors, and anyone with a LinkedIn profile.  Studio sessions are quick and well-suited for a lunch hour resumé update.

Environmental Headshot

Personalize your look with an environmental headshot.  CEOs, small business owners, authors, musicians, and those in creative fields are natural fits for a more involved headshot session.  Let’s plan a morning or afternoon and truly tell your story.

Staff Headshots
Need images for your entire staff?  For groups of 4 or more, my mobile studio comes to your office so we can get your team’s headshots up-to-date without sacrificing productivity.  Even with groups of 80+, my process remains the same to ensure you’re getting my best.

It’s very modern what I do.

My approach to headshots is personality-driven, and my process guarantees that you will leave my studio with an image you’ll love! The Headshot Studio is dedicated to providing clean, modern imagery that makes my clients look approachable and confident; classic looks that don’t regress into lifeless formality.